Dr Animesh KUMAR is a very qualified doctor is only a mechanical detail about him, what matters the most that he comes across as a very warm and concerned doctor who would make a patient comfortable and I guess that does the trick almost always.

Shrutish Maharaj

Consulted him for my father’s knee problem. Best orthopaedic. Great knowledge. Cooperative and helpful. Highly recommended.

Samant Kumar

Dr. Animesh is most intelligent and genuine ortho doctor I have ever consulted. He knows the exact diagnosis and helps the patients accordingly.

Reshma Ramsubramani

Dr Animesh Kumar is highly recommended. He is perfect combination of knowledge, ethics, calm, professionalism. A great human being too.

Rachna Sharma

Dr. Animesh is an exception listener, a quality that is rare to a doctor but a must to have for a doctor. His careful listening gives him an edge in diagnosing the problems correctly every time I have come to him for treatment. His treatments are always up to the mark and have always given the desired results.

Prashant Sinha

Dr Animesh Kumar is the perfect combination of caring, informed, driven, and professional. Highly, highly recommended!!

Amitabh Chandra

One of most genuine person/doctor I have seen in life. His profession is his passion but not business. I met him for one of my problem as a second opinion. Though his opinion was same as the 1st one but my 1st doctor have given me only option where as

Anvesh Verma