Successful Recovery from Lisfranc Injury

Patient Profile

Name: Mr. X (Name withheld for confidentiality)

Age: 38 years

Gender: Male


Mr. X, A 38-year-old gentleman, experienced an injury to his right foot while working on a ship. Following the injury, he began to suffer from persistent pain and discomfort in the midfoot region. Seeking relief from his symptoms, Mr. X consulted renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Animesh Kumar, for an evaluation and treatment.


Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis

Upon examination, Dr. Animesh Kumar carefully assessed Mr. X's foot and ankle, focusing on the midfoot area. Based on the clinical findings and in-depth discussions with the patient, a suspicion of a Lisfranc injury was raised. To confirm the diagnosis, various investigations, including X-rays, CT scans, and MRI, were conducted. The imaging results revealed significant damage to the bones and ligaments in the midfoot, confirming the presence of a Lisfranc injury.

Treatment Approach

Considering the severity of the injury and the patient's desire to regain pain-free mobility, Dr. Animesh Kumar recommended surgical intervention. The chosen treatment approach involved realigning and stabilizing the damaged bones and ligaments in the midfoot region to restore normal joint function.

Surgical Procedure

Under the expertise of Dr. Kumar, Mr. X underwent surgery for his Lisfranc injury. The procedure aimed to precisely repair the damaged structures, enabling optimal healing and recovery. Following the successful completion of the surgery, Mr. X was provided with comprehensive post-operative care instructions and a tailored rehabilitation plan.


Post-Surgery Recovery

Mr. X diligently followed the prescribed rehabilitation program, which included physical therapy and exercises to gradually strengthen the foot and improve mobility. The commitment to his recovery paid off as, within three months post-surgery, he experienced a remarkable improvement in his condition.

Outcome and Results

Today, just three months after undergoing surgery for his Lisfranc injury, Mr. X is completely pain-free and has successfully resumed his active lifestyle. He joyfully reports being able to walk comfortably, perform daily activities without limitations, and even return to running on the treadmill.


Mr. X's case highlights the successful management of a Lisfranc injury under the expert care of Dr. Animesh Kumar. The early diagnosis, appropriate surgical intervention, and meticulous post-operative rehabilitation played key roles in his remarkable recovery. The positive outcome exemplifies the benefits of seeking specialized orthopedic care for foot and ankle injuries, ensuring patients like Mr. X can regain their pain-free mobility and overall quality of life.


The case report above is a summary of the treatment provided to one of Dr. Animesh Kumar's patients. The names and specific details have been withheld to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality. Individual treatment outcomes may vary, and this case study should not be considered a guarantee of similar results for all patients. For personalized medical advice and treatment options, please consult with Dr. Animesh Kumar or a qualified healthcare provider.