Hip Problem & Treatment for Adults

Hip disorders are that affect the hip joint. The hip joint consists of a ball and socket that allows the thigh movement, to move in different directions, It also supports the weight of the body. The hip joints reside inside a capsule containing lubricating fluid, which helps in the smooth hip movement. Inside in the hip joints is a cartilage, tough but a flexible substance that lines the ends of joints. The Ligaments keep the ball of the joint from slipping out of the socket..

Hip problems & disorders are often caused due to developmental conditions, which include injuries, chronic conditions and infections. A few common hip problems in the adults are, First Osteoarthritis, degeneration of cartilage in the joint causes osteoarthritis, it causes the cartilage to split and become brittle. In few cases, pieces of the cartilage break off in the hip joint and starts to wear down. Once the cartilage wears down enough, it fails to cushion the hip bones, causing pain and inflammation. Second Soft Tissue Pain or Referred Pain, Pain in the hip may be due to an injury or defection affecting the soft tissues outside of the hip, this is known as referred pain.

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