Fracture Management

The surgical process of re-joining and realigning the edges of the fractured bones is called as fracture repair. Fracture repair is only done by specialized surgeon, orthopaedicians doctor. In case of emergency, first aid is provided for temporary realignment. Further, under proper medical supervision of the Doctor the treatment is carried, and supervised throughout the recuperation, this process is defined as Fracture Management, and the operating Doctor is known as the Fracture Management Doctor.

Dr Animesh Kumar, an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Goregaon, Mumbai is one of the eminent Fracture Management Doctor in Mumbai, he is of the view that Fracture repair is necessary, if there is a chance for restoration and functioning of the broken bone, he further adds that during the entire process of fracture healing, it is imperative that bones are firmly kept in the correct position, in case the fracture does not healed well, there are chances for occurrence of malalignment in the bones, that may results in physical dysfunction of the bone or in the joints.

In fracture repair, the bones are arranged and aligned closely to the normal position without a disturbance to the skin. It is through the surgery, traction and immobilization of the bones are done. Smaller bone fragments are aligned with metal wires or screws, while at the end of broken bones settlement, the area is kept stiff with a plaster cast, splint and brace. Also some electrical devices are implanted that stimulates which have proved to be helpful in curing the fracture where the fracture repair is not possible.

Dr Animesh Kumar, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Goregaon, Mumbai is one of the Best Fracture Management Doctor in Goregaon, Mumbai, well known in treating and the management of the fractured bones.