Keyhole Surgeon & Arthroscopy Surgeon

Keyhole surgery also called as minimally invasive surgery in the medical term, is a surgical method used to have access & view of the interior of the body through a small incision using the device called Arthroscope, this process has eliminated the need for open surgery. The Arthroscope inserted into the body through keyhole or a small incision gives the inner view on a larger monitor to the surgeons allowing them to easily examine, diagnose, assess and accordingly provide the treatment.

Arthroscopic surgery of the knee or keyhole surgery of the knee involves a minimally invasive technique usually is done as day case surgery and is helps into recover remarkably quick. Loose bodies, fragments, pieces of bone and cartilage floating in the knee can be removed and washed out.

Rough surfaces which are the cause of Osteoarthritis and inflammation can be made smoother through arthroscopic procedure. As the even the incision in the knee is very small, the scarring is minimal and even the trauma is reduced to great extent, giving a consequent reduction in pain and post-operative complication. Arthroscopic cartilage and meniscus repair removes roughness, friction and “wear and tear” in the cartilage.

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